A Mother's Day Resolution: Guilt Be-Gone!

Splurge and Give yourself the best gift EVER: Start the engine on your own career adventure....

A Happy Mom is A Happy Home.

Whenever I feel the slightest twinge of guilt for the messy laundry or the busted cable, I re-read this Harvard Business School Study and am emboldened. Here is the latest data proving that a working mother is a win/win.


Moms are better off when they work outside the home. The statistics are in: Working Moms are mentally and physically healthier; her daughters will rank higher and richer in the working world, and her sons will be more caring and involved at home. Great Numbers. Bye Bye Guilt.

Make your own Mother’s Day Resolution: Rise up….and become a Mom for Hire!!!

It's Springtime for Perennials

Hey Millennials.. Baby Boomers…Gen Xers…or even Gen Edgers...There’s a new group in town, and they’re pretty darn cool: Perennials.

Perennials are popping up across the generations and proving that Age is just a number.  CuriousOptimistic.   Entrepreneurial. Consumers who aim to be ‘relevant’ in the modern world.  Perennials seek out hands-on adventures, are usually tech-savvy, and are comfortable experimenting with their own sense of identity and challenging the status quo. Today’s hyper-connectivity has led to a globally-conscious group of Perennials that value authenticity and do not want any parade to pass them by.  

To give a bit of context, here’s the generalized run down of the Generations by birthdates. 


Today… the lines between generations are blending.   The elders have wisdom again…And children are to been ‘seen’ & ‘heard’. 

  • 20-somethings are dying their hair grey; 70-something Rock Stars are selling out Festivals.
  • Climate Awareness, Gender Equality, and Voting are an “of course”
  • Plenty of retirees have impressive six-packs; and fanny packs are selling out at Urban Outfitters. 
  • Marc Jacob’s muse is 67-year old Jessica Lange;  Bernie Sander’s speaks to and for Young Americans.  
  • 19-year old Malala Yousefzai is a respected World Leader; And Mark Twain is hip.
  • Great art can be appreciated at hallowed-ist of great musuems, as well as on sidewalks, subways and iPads. 
  • Lorne Michaels makes millennials laugh every Saturday night…(or Sunday morning on Hulu).  
  • The average age of American Facebook user is 41; and Apple’s Keynote address is a must-watch designation view for all ages.

Authenticity, self-expression and social consciousness is what really matters, and if you make the effort to open your eyes and walk across your generational lines,  you too can be crowned a PERENNIAL.  

Every season PERENNIALS look around and let ‘curiosity’ become their currency….update their vernacular, refresh their moral stances, and take note of new gizmos and gadgets.  If you pay attention – regardless of your age – every year you will learn something new,  accept modern tools and true talents and embrace change.

This doesn’t mean PERENNIALS throw out the classics.   We will always love Bruce Springstein and always know how to quote a bit of Shakespeare---but also--we can also enjoy a Teen Vogue article and own a pair of Nike Airs.  Resist the agist pigeon-holes and soon we all may be: Using Bitcoins to buy LP vinyls;  Serving fusion meals on vintage china;  Re-vamping urban factories into communal Work Spaces, and respectfully visiting Jesus birthsite in Bethlehem and then spending the night at Banksey’s Walled Off Hotel.

So as Spring erupts all around us, branch out of your assigned generation and become relevant across all markets and time zones.  Become a Perennial!!     




Age Is Just A Number

Age is just a number & Occupational Happiness (O.H.) is a quest for all ages.  Ladies, let’s JobUp Now for a comforting sense of belonging, ambition ownership, and the paycheck..

Have Moms for Hire steer you back to satisfying work…and make your career mojo last a lifetime.  #MomsforHire


Moms over 50:  We want you too!!!!


Holiday Job Hunting

Honestly, from Thanksgiving to Christmas is traditionally an empty zone for getting hired.   Businesses are in holiday mode and not usually looking to hire for fill time/career positions.   Everyone is busy shopping and holiday partying and planning for family time and traveling.  Many companies close for that final week of the year, and schools are absolutely closed for—at least—those two weeks.  Suddenly, parenting time requirements double and Mom’s litter of sniffling, present-begging kids have shifted into vacation-mode and will quickly grab all of your Mom for Hire hours for their pleasures.

Recruiters and hiring managers would advise you to lay-off the pursuit until the New Year but as a job hunter, you may not be able to fully enjoy your family time unless you are doing something for the career-cause.  How about using holiday parties and events to get some networking done? Here are a few reaching-out tips for job networking during your yuletide season.

Your First Job - Your Next Job

Everybody remembers their first job. Vividly. Day one was always shock-filled with plenty of entry-level grunt work, rude awakenings and figuring out just how to fake it. And at the end of your bone-weary first days, there was the staggering delight of your first paycheck. I learned many great lessons from my very first job at age 14:  scooping ice cream and serving pizza at Nathan’s Famous at the mall. Instantly, I had to figure out the hotdog business hierarchy, how to use a stinky mop, and not burn myself of the pizza oven all while pleasing a gruff boss and annoyed customers. Now is a good time to remind yourself how your job-life began. Reminisce and reflect as you launch into your next career.

Meanwhile, enjoy the storytelling of other Moms and their first job thrills and nightmares.

Important Election!

Parents are occasionally Hypocrites.

No matter what we intend, or how hard we try, sometimes our best attempts to be a role model simply falls short.  We can’t always be the best version of our parental self.

National Elections are around the corner, and even for a political junkie like myself - this season of campaigning, nominating, debating and debunking has been exhausting. While I intended to be a level headed, civic minded citizen in 2016, I must admit to political lethargy took over this go-around.    It’s been a busy fall for us all, and the political pollution has been numbing.

Yet, our children are watching, so let’s dig-in for one more week and make sure that we and our kids see us do our part.

While our political views might vary, getting out and Voting is essential.  Even if your kids witness you complaining about jury duty or cursing out that traffic cop,  we can still engage is the democratic political process... Even if our kids have seen us hang up on noisy house calls for political contributions, still make sure you pay attention this week and get your ballot into the voting booth.

We can all seek out opportunities to see American Politics in action. There is still time to engage in America.

 Some ideas for Parent/Kid Political Engagements:

  • Visit your Local Headquarters - Republican or Democratic.
  • Study your Sample Ballot that came in the mail and discuss various Ballot Measures (State and Local)
  • Buy a bumper stick or a lawn sign (or a hat or t-shirt)
  • Canvas a neighborhood to get out the vote.
  • Find a Phone Bank that will accept helpful kids with appropriate tasks.
    • Teenagers can man phone-lines – and nobody has to know they’re still wearing braces.
    • Younger kids can sort and stamp and soak up the volunteer spirit.
  • Visit a Battleground State where your canvasing help is more needed.
  • Bring kids to the voting booth on Election Day. Let them wear your sticker to School!
  • Destination TV: Watch and discuss the election coverage as a family.

A Rookie Writer's Journey

Many times throughout my 35  years of raising four children and working in the
Los Angeles entertainment business, I’ve found myself on the scenic career freeway. I knew I wanted to be more engaged in a professional arena, but didn’t have the clarity or confidence to find rewarding career work.

All I wanted was to purchase an upbeat guidebook for women like me who wanted to
reignite their professional mojo. I wanted someone else to give me a legit and fun roadmap so that I could "lean back in."  I scanned the marketplace but found nothing that spoke to my career-life balancing act. Nothing for me, and nothing for the 5-1/2 million stay-at-home moms in the carpool lane with me.

So I researched, interviewed, begged publishers, wrote and re-wrote. I channeled my practiced bossy girlfriend voice and thanks to Skyhorse Publications, Mom for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career will hit the shelves January 17th, 2017, to offer wisdom and pathways for women looking for a new life chapter.

Still, throughout the years of writing and re-writing Moms for Hire I beat myself up nearly everyday for not being a better writer, for not finding a writing partner, for not being organized enough, and for taking so long to complete the book.

But then everyday I unleashed a positive habit upon the negative birdie on my shoulder and told myself that I was honestly doing my best. I was smart enough, deserving enough, and animated enough to create what I needed. And you can, too.

Think big, create your own challenges and do not give up on them.

Every time you feel discomfort, you are building resilience. Every time you feel discouraged, dig deep into your original impulse. Refresh and repeat the roses of your day.

If you're happy, great. Make yourself happier. Life's short. If you're not happy where you are, change it. No more reasons why it's not time. It's time.

Moms for Hire - Going to Press!

It’s official: Today was the last day I could futz with the book that I have been researching, interviewing for, writing and re-writing for many, many months.

My publisher – Skyhorse Publishing – has told me to "put down my pen." They are going to Press and Moms For Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career can be in your hands on January 17, 2017.

I love the topic of how women figure it out...work, kids, play, partners, how everybody finds their way. But, being the bossy girlfriend that I am, and inspired by the long line of bossy women in my life, I have written an upbeat and interactive guidebook that gives direction to those not quite sure how to figure it out: Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career. 

In writing the book, I had to figure things out, too. Delegating tasks at home (some to my beloved children), summoning support when needed, wondering if I'm really a writer (I am!). Coming to terms with success can be tricky, but I'm willing to go for it and inspire you to do the same.

Introducing Deborah Newmyer

Hi readers! If you’re here you’ve began thinking about rejoining the workforce after a scenic detour into awesome mothering.

It’s a monumental challenge to re-find your career footing once you’ve spent months – or years—away focusing on your little ones’ needs, desires, mishaps and manners.   Although I had some wonderful career highs in film and television, as a  mother of four I was often waitingright behind you at the bus stop.  Instead of a enjoying a lunch with colleagues,  I found myself home making almond bark for the teacher’s appreciation lunch, resenting my husband’s business trips, and coveting my working girlfriends’  little luxuries that I didn’t feel entitled to splurge on. When I decided to get back to working, I knew I had skills but I couldn’t figure out how to channel my talent and time into gainful employment.

All I wanted to do was to walk into my local bookstore and find a supportive and sassy book that would help me achieve professional success. I desperately needed the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Career Success for Modern Moms.  If only such a book existed I would diligently follow its exercises and wisdoms and ta da! I could launch myself into the best new career to match my ambitions and my family.  However, I looked and looked and found nothing. No book, no website, no one was speaking to me or the five and a half million other educated moms who were off-ramped outside in the career marketplace.

Even though it may feel that every step of job hunting is a lonely frontier, you are not alone.   Women everywhere are longing for rewarding occupations that validate their talent, education and pocketbooks. I know these women because I would see them at the Thursday morning farmers market, they were my amazing co-chairs for the school’s fundraising events,  they were the smartest one in the monthly book club.  Like many of you, I needed bossy support and cheerful sisterhood from other moms who had figured it out.

So I sat down and researched and interviewed and wrote and rewrote.

And now after 11 various jobs, I have gritted my way into becoming an author—my 12th job.    And as I settle in to this new career title I realize that the mission of propelling other capable woman into satisfying work has just begun.

So rise up Moms.   Commit an hour a day to the Job-of-Finding-a-Job. Use my book, Moms for Hire. Follow the prompts. Read the success stories.  Listen to the experts. Work the book and become a Mom for Hire!