Moms for Hire 

an upbeat, eight-step guidebook for moms who want to re-enter the workforce... and amp up their professional mojo.

Whether you downsized your career ambition to raise your children, or you chose the full-time job of being a stay-at-home mom, you now feel ready to get back in the work game, but re-entry can be intimidating. Filled with interactive exercises, creative advice, and moving anecdotes from working moms, Moms for Hire can become a launchpad to your own on-ramp success.

Grab this moment and listen to that curious inner voice coaxing you to reach for a little more.   Rise up Ladies.

"Seek out your “occupational happiness.” My friend Deborah Newmyer, author of Moms for Hire, suggests that you figure out what she calls your “occupational happiness,” or the thing(s) that you love about your job/life before you leave to see if you can do more of the stuff that drives you."  --Shelley Zalis, Writer for Women at Forbes

Time to commit an hour a day to the job of finding yourself a job. Enjoy the incremental steps and the collected wisdoms of other moms.  Plug into your networks.  Re-find your personal passions.   Align them with your transferable skills.  Get organized.  Give away your clutter.  Share your Mom-tasks.   Become a fabulous candidate.  Don't give up....And go out and get yourself happily occupied. 

Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Career will hit the book shelves and sites January 2017 from Skyhorse Publications.

Deborah Jelin Newmyer

Deborah Jelin Newmyer

Meet Deb...


Deborah Jelin Newmyer has been a careerist for over forty years, collecting W-2s and paying taxes at eleven different jobs. Whenever she is asked, Deborah lists her occupations as Film & TV Producer and Single Mom.

Deborah spent more than a decade of her career scouting and developing films such as Jurassic Park, The Color Purple, and Schindler’s List, as well as the Amblin television series Amazing Stories and ER.

In 2006, Deborah took over the reins of Outlaw Productions from her late husband, Bobby Newmyer, and is currently a freelance producer credited with The Ugly Truththe NBC seriesThe Sing-Off, and The Good Lie.

Since the birth of her first of four children, Deb has been juggling work, family and adventure. But rest assured, most days of the week a ball or two goes splat on her unswept floors, clogs up a toilet, or is nabbed by the neighborhood dog.

Deb’s had high-powered jobs that came with corner offices and a view, but she also put together an entire TV series in a converted garage. She’s been a productive force in a mom & pop family business, and had been given a comfy seat in the corporate boardroom. She’s been the boss and been bossed.  She’s fired some and been fired herself. She’s been underpaid and handily-paid.

Deborah knows she was blessed with kind and healthy children,  a productive career,  and a generally happy life, yet all her expectations had to seismically pivot when her husband–Bobby Newmyer –suddenly passed away at age 49,  a decade ago.  A new template for her life had to be found.

Onward…somehow. Their re-configured family moved houses, got a puppy, Deb kept working, and some kids went off to college. They laughed, cried and carried on. Through the years Deb’s juggling has improved, and – miraculously – their holiday cards still find their way to a mailbox before Christmas.

“Deb has essentially written the book Lean Back In.”
— Kathy Kennedy, Mentor, Friend & Hollywood Film Producer from ET to Star Wars.

Long ago, she stopped chasing that fabled ‘having it all’ myth.  And whenever her moods got wonky, she figured out a way to throw herself back into action: a jolt of caffeine, a well-earned sweat, a friend’s advice. Deb’s got a deep bench ofmotivational tips to push herself (and other moms) back onto the career track.

Through the decades,  Deb became a collector and curator of other woman’s stories, asking everyone she knew:  How did you Figure It Out? The career? The children? The mate? The waistline? The Wi-Fi? The identity?

Her curiosity had no borders:  How did moms stay on top of those ever-changing phases of life?  How did they outsmart their circumstances?  Where did they find strength to succeed?  How did they make their vulnerabilities work for them?  How can they walk in those shoes?

For years, Deborah scanned the shelves and sites for an upbeat guidebook. that she could simply read and practice and then –        ta da!  – she’d wake up in a balanced, successful place.  But she could never find such an elegant and spirited guidebook, so she sat down andresearched,  interviewed,  wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote some more.  And now, Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Next Careerwill fill that empty bookshelf perched for any questing mom looking for her next adventure.  Meanwhile, Deborah Jelin Newmyer has just embarked upon into her twelfth job: Author.

Moms for Hire offers a supportive cheerful hand to moms and prompts them to know they are not alone and they can make it happen.


Moms for Hire

One-Hour-A-Day to kickstart your next chapter of Occupational happiness

When a working woman becomes a mother, she doubles-up on everything: her joys and her responsibilities. While much has been said about the Mommy Wars, the Gender Gap and the Glass Ceiling, the nosiest debate often revolves around that mythic Having-it-All balancing act.

After having children, some Moms find their way back into the workforce, and yet 5-1/2 million Moms with children under 15 stay-at-home for some significant time. For these woman, re-entry can be daunting.

And for those who have remained on the work ramp, juggling your work and home, can be depleting and segueing into a  new career can be an impossible reach.   

Moms for Hire is an 8-Step program designed to guide women to rewarding work.

The promise is that if you commit one hour a day to Moms for Hire, you will be empowered to answer that shadowing question: “what’s next for me?”

Our Audience: Any Woman who’s lost their professional mojo. Anyone who wants to feel more productive.

  • The 30-something Law Associate with a newborn daughter
  • The 52 year-old widow whose sons are at school on soccer scholarships
  • The 35 year-old PTA worker with twin 10 year-olds, one with special needs
  • The 43-year veteran Careerist who’s ready for a new professional adventure

From capable women who worked in a professional setting before taking time off to raise their children –to- working mothers who wish to trade one career for another,  Moms for Hire is a  step-by-step empowerment tool to vault woman up over the castle walls of happy employment.  The book offers talent and passion assessments, resume building advice, updated job skill tools, and will prompt woman to ‘go after” their craving for satisfying work.

The core of Moms for Hire  is a fun, interactive workbook; a boot camp to re-ignite skills and passions. By dedicating 5 focused hours a week, the job hunter will propel herself forward by:  Analyzing her experience; Choosing a path that suits her  current talents and transferable skills;  Deputizing her allies;  and Mastering the skills needed for the new job she wants. Spiced up with  advice from woman who have successfully opted back-in or traded-over to a new career, 

Moms for Hire  has branded a unique program filled with spirited exercises and bossy girlfriend advice.

Moms for Hire is designed as a recipe book for job hunters who are ready for a Next Chapter.  Each Step contains concise hour-long exercise programs:  creative self-assessments; stimulating worksheets and interactive assignments,;  alongside stories of women who have landed a job which sync up to with their specific family balance.   This inviting 8-Step guidebook will include expert advice and memorable quotes and is perched to become ‘must have’ counter purchase for any Mom who want to find career happiness.


Download extra worksheets to get one step closer to amping up your Professional Mojo!