It's Springtime for Perennials

Hey Millennials.. Baby Boomers…Gen Xers…or even Gen Edgers...There’s a new group in town, and they’re pretty darn cool: Perennials.

Perennials are popping up across the generations and proving that Age is just a number.  CuriousOptimistic.   Entrepreneurial. Consumers who aim to be ‘relevant’ in the modern world.  Perennials seek out hands-on adventures, are usually tech-savvy, and are comfortable experimenting with their own sense of identity and challenging the status quo. Today’s hyper-connectivity has led to a globally-conscious group of Perennials that value authenticity and do not want any parade to pass them by.  

To give a bit of context, here’s the generalized run down of the Generations by birthdates. 


Today… the lines between generations are blending.   The elders have wisdom again…And children are to been ‘seen’ & ‘heard’. 

  • 20-somethings are dying their hair grey; 70-something Rock Stars are selling out Festivals.
  • Climate Awareness, Gender Equality, and Voting are an “of course”
  • Plenty of retirees have impressive six-packs; and fanny packs are selling out at Urban Outfitters. 
  • Marc Jacob’s muse is 67-year old Jessica Lange;  Bernie Sander’s speaks to and for Young Americans.  
  • 19-year old Malala Yousefzai is a respected World Leader; And Mark Twain is hip.
  • Great art can be appreciated at hallowed-ist of great musuems, as well as on sidewalks, subways and iPads. 
  • Lorne Michaels makes millennials laugh every Saturday night…(or Sunday morning on Hulu).  
  • The average age of American Facebook user is 41; and Apple’s Keynote address is a must-watch designation view for all ages.

Authenticity, self-expression and social consciousness is what really matters, and if you make the effort to open your eyes and walk across your generational lines,  you too can be crowned a PERENNIAL.  

Every season PERENNIALS look around and let ‘curiosity’ become their currency….update their vernacular, refresh their moral stances, and take note of new gizmos and gadgets.  If you pay attention – regardless of your age – every year you will learn something new,  accept modern tools and true talents and embrace change.

This doesn’t mean PERENNIALS throw out the classics.   We will always love Bruce Springstein and always know how to quote a bit of Shakespeare---but also--we can also enjoy a Teen Vogue article and own a pair of Nike Airs.  Resist the agist pigeon-holes and soon we all may be: Using Bitcoins to buy LP vinyls;  Serving fusion meals on vintage china;  Re-vamping urban factories into communal Work Spaces, and respectfully visiting Jesus birthsite in Bethlehem and then spending the night at Banksey’s Walled Off Hotel.

So as Spring erupts all around us, branch out of your assigned generation and become relevant across all markets and time zones.  Become a Perennial!!