Holiday Job Hunting

Honestly, from Thanksgiving to Christmas is traditionally an empty zone for getting hired.   Businesses are in holiday mode and not usually looking to hire for fill time/career positions.   Everyone is busy shopping and holiday partying and planning for family time and traveling.  Many companies close for that final week of the year, and schools are absolutely closed for—at least—those two weeks.  Suddenly, parenting time requirements double and Mom’s litter of sniffling, present-begging kids have shifted into vacation-mode and will quickly grab all of your Mom for Hire hours for their pleasures.

Recruiters and hiring managers would advise you to lay-off the pursuit until the New Year but as a job hunter, you may not be able to fully enjoy your family time unless you are doing something for the career-cause.  How about using holiday parties and events to get some networking done? Here are a few reaching-out tips for job networking during your yuletide season.