Your First Job - Your Next Job

Everybody remembers their first job. Vividly. Day one was always shock-filled with plenty of entry-level grunt work, rude awakenings and figuring out just how to fake it. And at the end of your bone-weary first days, there was the staggering delight of your first paycheck. I learned many great lessons from my very first job at age 14:  scooping ice cream and serving pizza at Nathan’s Famous at the mall. Instantly, I had to figure out the hotdog business hierarchy, how to use a stinky mop, and not burn myself of the pizza oven all while pleasing a gruff boss and annoyed customers. Now is a good time to remind yourself how your job-life began. Reminisce and reflect as you launch into your next career.

Meanwhile, enjoy the storytelling of other Moms and their first job thrills and nightmares.