Important Election!

Parents are occasionally Hypocrites.

No matter what we intend, or how hard we try, sometimes our best attempts to be a role model simply falls short.  We can’t always be the best version of our parental self.

National Elections are around the corner, and even for a political junkie like myself - this season of campaigning, nominating, debating and debunking has been exhausting. While I intended to be a level headed, civic minded citizen in 2016, I must admit to political lethargy took over this go-around.    It’s been a busy fall for us all, and the political pollution has been numbing.

Yet, our children are watching, so let’s dig-in for one more week and make sure that we and our kids see us do our part.

While our political views might vary, getting out and Voting is essential.  Even if your kids witness you complaining about jury duty or cursing out that traffic cop,  we can still engage is the democratic political process... Even if our kids have seen us hang up on noisy house calls for political contributions, still make sure you pay attention this week and get your ballot into the voting booth.

We can all seek out opportunities to see American Politics in action. There is still time to engage in America.

 Some ideas for Parent/Kid Political Engagements:

  • Visit your Local Headquarters - Republican or Democratic.
  • Study your Sample Ballot that came in the mail and discuss various Ballot Measures (State and Local)
  • Buy a bumper stick or a lawn sign (or a hat or t-shirt)
  • Canvas a neighborhood to get out the vote.
  • Find a Phone Bank that will accept helpful kids with appropriate tasks.
    • Teenagers can man phone-lines – and nobody has to know they’re still wearing braces.
    • Younger kids can sort and stamp and soak up the volunteer spirit.
  • Visit a Battleground State where your canvasing help is more needed.
  • Bring kids to the voting booth on Election Day. Let them wear your sticker to School!
  • Destination TV: Watch and discuss the election coverage as a family.