A Rookie Writer's Journey

Many times throughout my 35  years of raising four children and working in the
Los Angeles entertainment business, I’ve found myself on the scenic career freeway. I knew I wanted to be more engaged in a professional arena, but didn’t have the clarity or confidence to find rewarding career work.

All I wanted was to purchase an upbeat guidebook for women like me who wanted to
reignite their professional mojo. I wanted someone else to give me a legit and fun roadmap so that I could "lean back in."  I scanned the marketplace but found nothing that spoke to my career-life balancing act. Nothing for me, and nothing for the 5-1/2 million stay-at-home moms in the carpool lane with me.

So I researched, interviewed, begged publishers, wrote and re-wrote. I channeled my practiced bossy girlfriend voice and thanks to Skyhorse Publications, Mom for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career will hit the shelves January 17th, 2017, to offer wisdom and pathways for women looking for a new life chapter.

Still, throughout the years of writing and re-writing Moms for Hire I beat myself up nearly everyday for not being a better writer, for not finding a writing partner, for not being organized enough, and for taking so long to complete the book.

But then everyday I unleashed a positive habit upon the negative birdie on my shoulder and told myself that I was honestly doing my best. I was smart enough, deserving enough, and animated enough to create what I needed. And you can, too.

Think big, create your own challenges and do not give up on them.

Every time you feel discomfort, you are building resilience. Every time you feel discouraged, dig deep into your original impulse. Refresh and repeat the roses of your day.

If you're happy, great. Make yourself happier. Life's short. If you're not happy where you are, change it. No more reasons why it's not time. It's time.