Moms for Hire - Going to Press!

It’s official: Today was the last day I could futz with the book that I have been researching, interviewing for, writing and re-writing for many, many months.

My publisher – Skyhorse Publishing – has told me to "put down my pen." They are going to Press and Moms For Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career can be in your hands on January 17, 2017.

I love the topic of how women figure it, kids, play, partners, how everybody finds their way. But, being the bossy girlfriend that I am, and inspired by the long line of bossy women in my life, I have written an upbeat and interactive guidebook that gives direction to those not quite sure how to figure it out: Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart your Next Career. 

In writing the book, I had to figure things out, too. Delegating tasks at home (some to my beloved children), summoning support when needed, wondering if I'm really a writer (I am!). Coming to terms with success can be tricky, but I'm willing to go for it and inspire you to do the same.