Introducing Deborah Newmyer

Hi readers! If you’re here you’ve began thinking about rejoining the workforce after a scenic detour into awesome mothering.

It’s a monumental challenge to re-find your career footing once you’ve spent months – or years—away focusing on your little ones’ needs, desires, mishaps and manners.   Although I had some wonderful career highs in film and television, as a  mother of four I was often waitingright behind you at the bus stop.  Instead of a enjoying a lunch with colleagues,  I found myself home making almond bark for the teacher’s appreciation lunch, resenting my husband’s business trips, and coveting my working girlfriends’  little luxuries that I didn’t feel entitled to splurge on. When I decided to get back to working, I knew I had skills but I couldn’t figure out how to channel my talent and time into gainful employment.

All I wanted to do was to walk into my local bookstore and find a supportive and sassy book that would help me achieve professional success. I desperately needed the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Career Success for Modern Moms.  If only such a book existed I would diligently follow its exercises and wisdoms and ta da! I could launch myself into the best new career to match my ambitions and my family.  However, I looked and looked and found nothing. No book, no website, no one was speaking to me or the five and a half million other educated moms who were off-ramped outside in the career marketplace.

Even though it may feel that every step of job hunting is a lonely frontier, you are not alone.   Women everywhere are longing for rewarding occupations that validate their talent, education and pocketbooks. I know these women because I would see them at the Thursday morning farmers market, they were my amazing co-chairs for the school’s fundraising events,  they were the smartest one in the monthly book club.  Like many of you, I needed bossy support and cheerful sisterhood from other moms who had figured it out.

So I sat down and researched and interviewed and wrote and rewrote.

And now after 11 various jobs, I have gritted my way into becoming an author—my 12th job.    And as I settle in to this new career title I realize that the mission of propelling other capable woman into satisfying work has just begun.

So rise up Moms.   Commit an hour a day to the Job-of-Finding-a-Job. Use my book, Moms for Hire. Follow the prompts. Read the success stories.  Listen to the experts. Work the book and become a Mom for Hire!